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It's time to identify what YOUR body needs, investigate what factors are limiting your progress, and begin a plan made just for you.

An  integrated approach of breath work, functional movement patterns,  and preventative tools to optimize your movement, improve your confidence, and your performance with the activities you love.

You've been waiting long enough.

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right now you...

Have a history of recurring injuries, old injuries, fear of movement or activities that are limiting your ability to enjoy life to its fullest

Do not feel confident in progressing your workouts, activities,  sport, or lifestyle

Have new or chronic pain and you don’t know how to manage your symptoms 

But You're ready to...

Address the root of your problem to optimize your movement for  your current activities, while preventing future injuries. 

Gain awareness in your movements, strengthen the connection between your mind and  body, and improve your performance with confidence.

Have a plan that makes sense for where you are now, is easy to follow, and provides you the tools to understand next steps. 

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Ezra F. 46

"By means of Xander’s patience and skilled Techniques, she unraveled my mess."


Let’s discuss where you are now and where you envision yourself to be. What do you see yourself doing?  Do you feel committed to  a change?
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Xander will virtually  assess your movements that will be used to curate a plan designed to meet your individualized goals. We will dig deeper into other factors  that may be adding to you feeling stuck.  Investigating your movement will give information to where the problem areas are originating from. From here, we will determine next steps into executing your new beginning. 

Movement Assessment 

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Systematically designed and personalized workout plans to begin training 3-5x/week.  Optimize the effectiveness of a exercise regimen designed specifically to your indiviudal needs, abilities, and goals.

In addition to your programs, Xander offers ongoing support through regular check-ins, communication, and encouragement. Available to address any questions or concerns throughout the program.

Prescriptive Exercise programs

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Using mind-body connection based coaching and a functional movement approach we will begin working toward your goals.  We will focus on nurturing both mental and physical health with a tailored exercise program.

Exercise programs focus on optimizing the benefits of exercise while ensuring safety and adherence. 

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Ready to get started?

Help me understand your story: where are you at this point in your fitness journey and where are you looking to go?

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A virtual movement assessment will give us the tools to identify specific movement patterns that are difficult. This will guide our next steps in the process of reaching your goals.

Regular assessments can be performed to track progress and obtain feedback.

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The Process

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Joe v. 35

"Xander has assisted me in alleviating my pain by thoroughly explaining and showing me exercise & stretching techniques. I finally felt like I got educated/taught the correct way to exercise."

Marcus H.

"My sessions with xander are mind blowing. Her direction is clear, insightful, and thoughtful. She is absolutely the most informed, intelligent PT I’ve worked with."

rosaline r.

"It's encouraging and desirable to want to go and show up for these sessions because xander is patient and willing to teach, share, and always there to support for better improvement."

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Discovery call: 15 to 30 minutes
Evaluation: 1 hour
Prescriptive Exercise Programs: typically take 1 hour to perform, depends on level/ needs

Movement rX performs assessments and treatment with an integrated approach that is scaled to focus on the return to or advancement in your specific goal/activity. There may be more than one area that is causing your pain or a limitation, so we use a holistic and all-inclusive approach. There are many pieces to the puzzle of movement dysfunctions, we will do a detailed overview of the whole body. You will leave with an individualized plan. This will be a resource to return to my findings, areas of interests, and specific movement patterns that we will use to progress to your goals. We will work together virtually to create the best plan to empower you in your daily life and activities. Programs are not reliant on insurance or clinic specific parameters. Variables such as availability, the inclusion of equipment vs. no equipment can all be tailored to create the plan that best works for you. Sessions are offered remotely in order to be completed at a location and time that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Depending on need. Most things we will find that we can figure out remotely!

If you cancel or reschedule, we require a 24 hours advance notice. If you cancel or reschedule within 24 hours, you will be charged for the session.

Xander has successfully treating a wide range of diagnoses. These include, but are not limited to:  low back pain/injuries, joint injuries/pain, work or motor vehicle accident injuries, pelvic floor dysfunction, posture or balance dysfunction, sport-specific related injuries or performance training.

In the free discovery call, we will be able to identify if your specific area of concern is something that we are able to assist you with or you will be referred to a more appropriate service.

After completion of the discovery call, you will be given an estimated time for committment These will be based on each of your goals, commitment level, availability, complexity or severity of injury. My end goal is always to ensure that you are released from my care with as many tools and skills to self-manage and progress your plan as possible.

We will determine the duration of time that you will spend performing your program depending on your goals and areas of concern.

Please be mindful that you are an active participant in your program. In order to make a difference in reducing your pain, gaining strength/ mobility, or building confidence in your daily life/ activities, you will  need to give your mind and body a chance to build and learn the new tricks that you want it to learn.

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I will be reviewing your thoughts and questions over the next 24 hours and will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you for reaching out!

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Movement is a part of our everyday lives. If you have a current nagging problem or want to learn more about your body and how to keep it moving the way you want it to.… Movement rX is for you.

Your mind and your body deserve to feel confident and nurtured. Empowerment for today and investment in your future.

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