Creator of Movement rX, Dr. Xander, explores new ways to move more efficiently and intentionally. Their passion started young looking up to their body-building Dad who continued to promote a healthy and active lifestyle during years of stage 4 cancer. Since, Xander has been driven to share their knowledge and experience for maximizing the quality of your movements throughout your life.

Integrating the yoga philosophy, mindfulness, and years of experience in a variety of settings as a physical therapist is the foundation behind Xander's approach. They work to curate mindful programs aimed to teaching how to move with purpose and reduce risk for injuries.  

As a devote life-long learner of the body and growing in their own movement goals, Xander is more than ready to join this journey with you.

Xander Boger


Our approach to get to the root of the problem is by looking at the whole picture.  We recognize the intricate interplay between our thoughts, emotions, and physical experiences; and how that relates to our movement and performance level. 

Understanding the why behind the problem allows us to create a plan for progress and improvement. When life events or flare ups occur, it is important to us that you understand how to handle and recover the situation. This allows you to gain independence and maintenance  of your movement journey.

connect your mind and body move with intention and power

Why  Movement     rX?

Celebrating achievements
Positive self-talk
Incorporating mindfulness practices
Self-reflection techniques 
Setting realistic outcomes
Routine  check-ins
Multiple touch points 
Scalable Movements
Pro listening to your body
Sustainable learning and growing
Focused breath-work

What to expect: 

1. Communication

2. Respect

3. Resilience 

Team values: 

 Learning the power of the pause with an emphasis on rest and recovery. Using tools such as focused breath work, meditation reading, or music are key ways we slow our mind down. 


Fueling the mind and body with the right nutrients for our bodies,  practicing gratitude, and crushing our own movement goals keeps us feeling our best


Moving  in some shape or form, every day. Getting the reps in is challenging, humbling, and motivating to see the true capabilities for the mind and body  to  change and adapt


How do we
move with 

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