Moving forward

We’re going to run into obstacles that inhibit us from moving the way we want to. That could be in the form of experiencing pain, fear of initiating, or limited mobility. 

It can be difficult to determine what you need to progress on your own. Movement rX is waiting to provide you with effective, long term tools to enhance the way you feel.

We come from different backgrounds and have different goals for how we move. Xander is motivated to meet you where you are to provide you with results that you can utilize for every season of your life. 

Getting Started

Moving through life 

Let's work together

➣ Let’s start off by getting some information about what is bothering you by filling out an intake form
➣ Schedule your virtual movement assessment and treatment sessions. You can finally break up with that problem area and move  on  with your activities!

➣ Reduce your risk of injury with my Functional Movement Packages or Yoga Flows. Let’s explore the best ways for you to move better, for longer!

Helping You Feel MoreLike Yourself

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Lets have some fun! Get going on your treatment sessions 

Now that we have some pieces to your puzzle, let’s put in the work to get the results you’ve been looking for. Once we have identified the areas that we want to focus on, its time to outline an effective game plan together. This will be scaled to meet you where you are.


Get started by providing me with information about where you are now

Take some time to think about your story and what you want to get out of this next step of your journey. Where do you want to go from here?  Provide me with enough information to determine how I can best assist you with your goals.


Let’s dive a little deeper with your Movement assessment

We will go through a series of movements to determine where you are having difficulties, what feels off or is uncomfortable, and what is inhibiting you from taking your movement to the next level. 

Joe v. 35

"Xander has assisted me in alleviating my pain by thoroughly explaining and showing me exercises & techniques. I finally felt like I was taught the correct way to move."

Marcus H. 65

"My sessions with xander are mind blowing. Her direction is clear, insightful, and thoughtful. She is absolutely the most informed, intelligent PT I’ve worked with."

rosaline r. 46

"It's encouraging to feel excited about my sessions with xander. She is patient, willing to teach, share, and always there to support me, I'm amazed with my improvements."

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I will be reviewing your thoughts and questions over the next 24 hours and will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you for reaching out!

Let’s move together!

Movement is a part of our everyday lives in some shape or form. If you have a current nagging problem or want to learn more about your body and how to keep it moving the way you want it to.… Movement rX is for you. Your mind and your body deserve to feel confident and nurtured. Empower your current self while investing in your future self.

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